Are you an aspiring fempreneur, blogger, creative small biz owner?

Do you want to know more about how to be an online rockstar and have a killer brand and website?

This site launched in English in early 2016 (yes, it has a big sister in my first language) is the library of knowledge and resources to help you on your magical way.

Being a fempreneur is not always walking on clouds. Working hard and chasing your dreams can be overwhelming and sometimes you might feel you're struggling with all the aspects of being a biz queen.

My mission is to provide you with inspiration, tools and ideas to make this incredible journey of reaching your dreams easier.


I'm Annamari Bán, a mother of two, living in Nyíregyháza, Hungary.

I've been designing and building websites and creating visual identities for more than ten years.

I got interested in websites and blogging when - maybe like you - I was at home with my baby daughter. I started to learn HTML and soon got involved with CMS systems, and enjoyed creating sites people love to visit.

Since then I realized that making the online world better and helping others reach their business goals is my mission, so I started Kreanille Design in early 2015 to leave my 9-5 job and become a solopreneur.

I have seen success and failure - being an online entrepreneur has its ups and downs. What I can help you with is the solid foundation and a start that will give you confidence during the journey: a brand that stands out from the cheap stock solutions and you can be proud of, and a website that's user- (and also owner!) friendly, and can be the HQ of your profitable business.

When I say brand and website, I mean strategy and marketing, and every tool that can help you reach your goal. That's why I create material that helps you plan and think about how to make your business successful. (Some of them are free - check them out here! Don't forget to browse the blog either.)

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That special character in my surname?

'Bán' has nothing to do with the English word 'ban'. Báns were noblemen in medieval times in Europe. The word is pronounced as /ba:n/.

Fun facts about me

  • I danced in a local folk dance group for 17 years until my daughter was born.
  • I use natural hair dye to color my hair - I don't use chemicals if possible. I love macrobiotic food.
  • I raised my kids bilingually almost from birth - I wanted to give them the opportunity to easily acquire a second language I love. This love started when I was at high school, then I majored in English and American Studies at university.
  • I love traveling here, around my home country and abroad too. London and Paris are my two favorite cities.
  • I'm a passionate reader and book collector. Don't let me go near a book shop!