Want to have an awesome brand identity?

"A logoless company is a faceless man."

Your logo and visual identity is the first thing your "tribe" encounters. It is the basis of first impressions. It is the face of your business and a strategic tool. Your visual identity can shape your branding and convey an unseen message about you and your biz. It's your first most important investment and a key in your success.

You've tried hard to do it for yourself. It just doesn't want to come together. You're not a designer. You're fed up with wasting your time - you have better things to deal with: it's your business waiting.

Let me help you. I'm Annamari, a brand stylist and web design consultant. I love designing brand identities for creative women entrepreneurs who want to have a soaring business.

Take a look at my visual identity kit and get in touch if you want to have an identity that's appealing to your audience and reflects your personality.

What does the Visual Identity Kit contain?

Discovery and research

To create the most suitable logo and visual identity for you, you must share as many details about your business as you can. I'll ask quite a lot of questions in a gorgeous workbook to get to know you and your business needs. After you send me your answers, I'll do some research on the market and your competitors.

A unique, custom-made logo

After some preparations (sketching, choosing the right colors, creating a moodboard) I create a logo for you. If it's needed, you can have it changed twice, or, if you're not satisfied with it, I'll create two more versions.

Other elements matching your logo

Besides the logo you often need icons, patterns or other elements to complement you brand. You might use these when you later create (or have somebody create) package, social media or educational materials.

A business card design

Rectangle, square, round - let's make it special. A business card can establish a business relationship or partnership. You can have your own design printed or you can use it as a digital card.

Brand guidelines

A pdf document containing everything about the visual identity of your brand: colors, fonts, logo usage guidelines.

I want an awesome identity

Additional items?

Why not? If you need a flyer, gift card, thank you card, menu or price list, of course you can have one. Let me know you need these too and we can add it to the kit above (starting from $75).

How long will it take?

I have a special work process: I work with one client at a time. You can book me in advance with a 50% non-refundable deposit. I'll design your visual identity in two weeks (during the booked period).

I want to work with you

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does payment work?

A 50% non-refundable deposit is required to secure your spot in my schedule. The rest is due when the project is complete but before the final files are handed over to you.

Do I need to do client homework?

Yes! That's essential part of our work together. As soon as you book me, I'll send you a PDF workbook which helps you define your target audience and outline your business and your needs. I'll use this information to do research on your competitors and design a brand identity that's really appealing to your target audience.

How long will the branding process take?

As when I say, we're going to work together, I seriously mean it, it's essential to keep in touch during the branding process. Your reaction and feedback is more than welcome, so I'll contact you several times during the process. If you help me and reply as soon as possible, your brand will be ready in two weeks.

What if I need additional items not listed in the package?

Of course, you can add other items to your package (e.g. a flyer, Facebook or Twitter cover, gift card, thank you card). When you submit your message through the contact form here, make sure you let me know what other items you need and I'll create a custom quote for you. The branding process might take a little longer if you need additional items.

Do you design websites?

Yes. Check out the details on my Website design page.

Have more questions? Contact me here.


When I started my blog and my business I knew I needed a professional logo and branding. I've dabbled in making my own logo's but the drawback was that you could tell I didn't have the experience to be doing my own, and I had no idea what exactly branding really was. Working with Kreanille Design has been nothing short of amazing, we collaborated together and on what my business was, the message I wanted to convey and she provided me with a beautiful logo, branding board and furthermore she taught me how to use my branding board to help my business be cohesive and exactly what I need for my target market!

Amy Smith, mymomsahippie.com

I found Annamari on the web - her website grabbed me the first moment and I knew I wanted her help for my starting business. We got in touch, she asked me to fill in a survey and then she created an amazing visual identity and website for me. She also helped with advice. I recommend her services to my friends and customers.

Marta Brash, The Nest / Home Staging & Interior Design Consultant, Wyndham, New Zealand

Why Kreanille? Because Annamari is a thorough, enthusiastic, and motivated designer. Because having a decade-long experience she knows the ins and outs of building not only websites but also systems that work. Because as an entrepreneur who'd just started, I felt she lifted a huge burden off of my shoulders. Because I can always count on her, if I'm stuck. I'm so grateful for everyhing!

Eva Fekete, Macrobiotic Diet Consultant, tisztan-termeszetes.hu, Nyiregyhaza, Hungary